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United Christian Convention - Meerut

The  Lord really poured  His  blessings  !!! On the third day the response  and the results were more than what  the  United  Christian  Convention Committee  had asked for !!!  A gentleman pledged  all monetary  help  for the  next  convention  !!! The response to the alter call was a 'rich harvest'. The tent was capacity full, we need more chairs for the last day tomorrow !!! The donations we received from the congregation is above our expectations !!! " ... there is a cry of revolution in my country ... " AMEN !!!

Rev. Peter Baldev, St. John's Church - leading in prayer

Rev. Sushil Kumar - (C.N.I.) - Scripture Reading

Bro. D. J. Singh - Secretary - United Christian Convention Committee his committment is the secret of the success of the convention

Rev. L. H. Portion, a senior Methodist pastor encouraged us with his presence, seen with him are a generation of new pastors Rev. Dinesh (Assembly of Beliver's Church) and Rev. Manish Mukherjee

Rev. P. Benjamin (St. Thomas Church) leading in prayer, thanking the Lord for the collection, 12 baskets full !!!

We bow to Thee O Lord !

Bro. Chandra leading the St. Thomas choir - I so much missed Bro. Vijay Daniel today

St. Thomas choir

St. Paul's choir

Please, please pray for the young ones !

They brought their young ones to Jesus !!!

... Dr. Ajai Lal laying his hands on a child.

Go thy faith has healed thee !!!

The collection surpasses our expectations !!!